Janice V Rodriguez

(first name rhymes with Denise because she likes to be difficult), is a Chicago-based entrepreneur and comedian. When she’s not slaving over an unnecessary spreadsheet or micromanaging others, she performs her unique brand of stand up across the Chicagoland area.  Janice uses her experience as being the whitest Latina she knows and an at best average marriage partner to tell her side of the story. Janice aims to bring a fresh perspective to topics related to her culture, Indiana upbringing (Indiana+culture=oxymoron), and her professional and personal lives. She’s also really tired.

Janice regularly performs at Chicago area comedy and storytelling showcases and has performed at comedy clubs Zanies, Improv, The Drop (South Bend), Laugh Factory, Comedy Shrine, The Market Lounge (Valparaiso) and Jackie Knights (St. Augustine, FL). She has also been invited to perform at several comedy festivals such as Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, SheDot (Toronto), Lady Laughs (Madison) and LaughFest (Grand Rapids).

Janice is a founder and producer of  Las Locas Comedy, a comedy showcase that features Latina/Latinx comedic talent and our favorite locas of any background.   Check out her performance calendar to see her at an upcoming show!

I join a hot lineup of Chicago area comedians for Chicagoland Stand-Up at Avenue 912 in Griffith, IN on Friday 11/19/21 at 7:30pm.

Las Locas Comedy Presents a brand new showcase on the 1st Thursday of every week at Laugh Factory Chicago!

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Join  Lady Laughs Comedy as we welcome the amazing Chastity Washington  (HBO & BET), Dina Nina (CBS & PBS), Janice V. Rodriguez & more.

Live comedy is back! Now that changes are happening to indoor policies,  shows are being scheduled across the Chicagoland area. If there's ever been a time to laugh- it's now!

Las Locas Comedy goes back to in-person comedy with a special hybrid event called Las Locas Comedy Presents: ¡The Are We There Yet Show!.